WESTMACFY committees give flesh to mission and vision of the Mary Immaculate Parish. WESTMACFY is the acronym for Worship, Education, Service, Temporalities, Maintenance, Apostolate, Communication, Family Life, and Youth. These are working committees that plan and implement all the activities of the parish. Each committee is responsible bodies composed of parishioners from various walks of life, belonging to any associations, who are willing serve the parish according to their capability and availability.




Uniting through the Catholic faith

There was a time in the Church's history when only the ordained assumed all the roles in liturgical celebrations. But thanks to the reforms made after Vatican II, more and more lay people are able to participate and be involved in various Church rites and celebrations. The Mary Immaculate Parish recognizes the partnerships among the clergy, the laity, the parish organizations, and other civic groups. The main responsibility of the Worship Committee is to see to it that all liturgical celebrations are well prepared and celebrated so that a person who attends them will be drawn closer to the Eucharistic Body of Christ. To do this, the committee has to properly coordinate the tasks and responsibilities of the Special Ministers of the Holy Eucharist (SMHC), the lectors and commentators, the Knights of the Altar, the choir (represented by the Knights of Columbus, Youth, Children and Adult Choir Groups, the Mother Butler Guild, and all other people involved in the celebration of a Mass.




Nourishing souls through catechism

The Mary Immaculate Parish believes that in order to create a stronger and more mature Christian parishioner for the future, it has to continuously provide essential learning support for its members - especially the children - today. The Education Committee primarily aims to provide spiritual development programs for parishioners such as the regular catechism classes conducted by volunteer catechists and the spiritual formation seminars. The Education Committee also spearheaded the recently established Adult High School which gives new hope to those who want to finish their secondary education even at an old age.




Reaching out to lost souls and the less privileged


The Mary Immaculate Parish preferential love for the poor is embodied by the Service Committee whose main activities lean towards social concern and eventually, social transformation. Such activities include the weekly feeding program, a 24-hour lying-in clinic, various livelihood programs, and a scholarship program. This is in line with the Parañaque, Las Piñas, Muntinlupa (PLM) district's goal of establishing a functional Human Promotion and Development Program oriented towards social transformation.




Raising funds for Jesus and Mary

"No man is so poor that he can give nothing. No man is so rich that he does not need anything." This conviction motivates the Temporalities Committee in its task to raise much needed funds for the implementation of various parish programs and projects aimed at helping its poor, needy and less fortunate members

The temporalities committee believes that through the communion of goods in which blessings are shared by well-off families and poor residents alike, poverty may be alleviated in the parish and its surrounding communities. No matter how big or how small the blessings that may come their way, parishioners are united in raising funds for this purpose.




Maintaining physical order

The Church, though essentially made up of the people of God, needs a place for parishioners to commune and share faith with each other. The Mary Immaculate Parish is blessed with a beautiful and unique place for worship which parishioners are very proud of. But to maintain its beauty as well as its functionality is an awesome task. The Maintenance Committee sees to it that the grounds and building structures are in order, the lights and sound system in good condition, the plants and trees pleasing to look at, etc.




Sharing the word

The Mary Immaculate Parish's vision of being communion of communities is today finding expression in the Basic Ecclesial Communities (BEC), BEC as a way of life is an instrument of formation and evangelization where Christ is brought to the daily lives and concerns of parishioners, more specifically, among neighbors. This core program is the main task of the Apostolate committee initiated through regular meetings of neighbors, sharing the Gospel and their pains, struggles and victories. These small Christian communities become the local incarnation of the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church.

The Apostolate Committee also leads the advocacy for clean, honest, accurate, meaningful, and peaceful elections through its active involvement in the Parish Pastoral Council for Responsible Voting.




Disseminating information

In order for the parish goals and activities to be well understood, participated in, and appreciated by parishioners, it has to have an effective communication medium.  The Communication Committee is primarily tasked to disseminate news of parish activities and programs, documents important events and milestones, and link the parish to all the various committees and mandated organizations.  It does these through the parish publication, THE NET, and via bulletin boards, announcement at the masses and internet.




Strengthening Christ-centered relationships

To strengthen family life as a potent force of Christian life - this is the main goal of the Family Life Ministry. Its activities include a Pre-Cana seminar, responsible parenthood seminar for couples planning to get married, marriage counseling, and pro-life advocacy. It is committed to protect and safeguard the life that Jesus gave us, to fulfill the mission of making Christian families the stronghold of society and the Church, as well as to be bearers of good news in the third millennium.

A Family Life Center, situated in the parish office, is ready to minister provide guidance to all family members.





Empowering future leaders

The youth sector always proves itself champion at producing great numbers in parish gatherings. The youth are energetic, full of passion and idealism, and always on the go. They are a great source of potential servants in the future. But sometimes, if not properly guided, they are also cause for major concern for the clergy and the laity. The Youth Committee, headed by the parish priest himself, provides and organizes integral formation and training programs that address spiritual growth, leadership, unity, justice, and social responsibility for the youth and youth leaders. It is the Mary Immaculate Parish's dream to have a functioning and empowered youth ministry in the parish. Right now, the youth play a major role in liturgical celebrations as choir group and as altar servers.